Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is misunderstood as Search Engine Optimization, the whole marketing plan shrinks and the desired results remain unattained. The way out of this is to better understand Search Engine Marketing and to figure out the focusing point of it. What exactly to focus on while designing an SEM plan for a website entirely depends on the nature of website along with basic components of SEM. These components though same in all cases but vary in concentration level depending on the niche and the desired results.

Let's first identify the crucial elements or basic components of SEM. They are: keywords research, SEO, search engine submission, link building, link popularity analysis, traffic analysis etc. All these are, of course, crucial parts of SEM plan, but the first three are must, i.e. keyword research; finding the more search keywords related to a particular site and making a list of all alternative words or synonyms, optimizing the site for search engines so that they can better crawl at it, and letting the SEs know about the site by submitting URL to them. In other words these three are the major focus of SEM.

SEM is essentially a kind of marketing strategy employed in the web with the target result of maximum exposure as well as visibility for your website. Search engine uses a system known as ‘spider’ to crawl out data from the website to determine how relevant the website content is to the keyword search. There are various factors, such as content, the relevance of websites back linking to your site and your meta tags, which will determine how your website will be ranked.

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